Sail on New Ships Without the Price – Sail A Renovated Ship!

When it comes to cruise ships, the belief can often be that newer is better.  With companies regularly investing in building bigger and better ships, there can be a sense that the longer a ship has been in service, the less it can offer.

But new cruise ships take years, and many, many millions of dollars, to build.  The cruise industry just can’t afford to pour all of its resources into new ships, while leaving its older vessels out-of-date.  Especially when older vessels are still in excellent condition and have years left to serve.

Add to the mix a new global focus on the environment, and now, the cruise industry is turning to the practical approach of remodeling old ships to offer state-of-the-art service, at a fraction of the cost of building new. (more…)

Six Tips to Save Money on Your Next Cruise

Cruising is a highly cost-effective way to travel.  For one fee, you get room, board, activities, and a deluxe stateroom with a view that changes every day!

However, just like at an all-inclusive resort, sometimes the devil is in the details.  The cost of every cruise covers the basics: your stateroom, your basic meal plan, the basic level of amenities and activities.

Add on some shore excursions, wine with dinner, and a night at the casino, and suddenly your credit card may be a bit more burdened than you’d planned.  Don’t worry! We’ve got six tips that are guaranteed to save you cash. (more…)

Booking Shore Excursions – the Best Adventures at the Best Value

While a cruise on the open ocean can be the perfect vacation, often the best part of your trip can be the adventures you have on land.

From swimming with dolphins in Cozumel to kayaking in Ketchikan, shore excursions can be the most memorable part of any cruise.  But high costs, a dizzying array of choices, and high-pressure sales can take all the fun out of choosing the perfect shore excursions.

The idea of vacation is to maximize the fun, and minimize the expense and the stress, so here are some tips to take the hassle, and the cost, out of making the most of your vacation. (more…)

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How Much Will It Really Cost?

One important aspect that people need to know is how much will a cruise really cost. There is more to the cost of cruising than just the cost of your cabin. Cabin fare is only the beginning of what you will spend. It is important to understand that there are common expenses that you must plan on before taking your cruise. (more…)

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