Big Sexy and Flower

We try to cruise every year on our anniversary (Kim’s first cruise ever was our honeymoon). A ship we both like is (more…)

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Josh “Big Sexy” Waitzman – Interview with the Cruise Director

It takes a special kind of person to be a cruise director. Twenty-five years ago, the CD had an act and ran the bingo games. Today’s CD is a professional manager and the face of the ship. One of the best (more…)

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Phil Lafayette – A Tour You’ll Never Forget

First off, I LOVE Jamaica. If there is a more beautiful spot on Earth, I haven’t found it. The history, the diverse culture, the welcoming people, the incredible rain forests, the mountains, the rivers, the flora and fauna, are all just breath-taking…and a bit overwhelming. That’s why you owe it to yourself to (more…)

Too Much Free Time or a Dream Come True?

What would you do if you had plenty of time and the money you needed? For most cruise fanatics that would probably mean a cruise around the world. William Filomena, however, had a different idea. When he boarded the Carnival Miracle recently, he set a new record at the 38 year-old company. William sailed on all 23 of the Carnival cruise ships in one year; the first passenger to ever accomplish this feat. (more…)

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