Dark Secrets of the Caribbean

On every Caribbean cruise the Shopping Consultant talks about the incredible deals to be found: watches, diamonds, tanzanite, bamboo clothing, rum cakes and tequila, just to name a few. They’ll tell you about color changing nail polish (and the evil pranks possible with it). The crew will even direct you to the best fajitas you’ll ever eat (La Choza in Cozumel). But there is one thing they never tell you about. A secret so dark those in the know only speak of it in hushed whispers. The secret? Where to find the one true Food of the Gods —  (more…)

Big Sexy and Flower

We try to cruise every year on our anniversary (Kim’s first cruise ever was our honeymoon). A ship we both like is (more…)

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Booking Your Cruise with the Right Travel Agent – Who to Choose?

It’s time to start thinking of that perfect vacation, where you can turn off your phone, forget about your email and relax in that perfect deck chair by the pool.  If your heart is set on a great cruise vacation, what’s your first step? (more…)

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A World of Difference – The Culture and Etiquette of Tipping

When you go out for dinner and the service was great, you probably think nothing of leaving a 20 per cent tip on top of your bill, as a thank you for a nice experience.  While that may seem perfectly normal in North America, you may be surprised to learn that would be more than double the normal tip you would leave in Latin America or much of Europe, and that some Asian countries have no custom of leaving any tip at all.  In fact, tipping is considered rude in Japan. (more…)

Ten Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

The anticipation is rising, and you just can’t wait to get away on that dream vacation you’ve been planning.  There’s just one little thing nagging at you: what about your house?  Do you have a home safety plan in place? (more…)

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Party on the High Seas – Celebrating Spring Break on a Cruise

It’s a rite of passage for high school seniors and college students: Spring Break!  Other holidays are for family, or for earning money, but Spring Break is for you; time to relax and have fun.  So why not choose a cruise? (more…)

We Do! How to Get Married on a Cruise

What could be more romantic than exchanging wedding vows as the sun goes down over the brilliant Caribbean Sea?  You stand barefoot in the soft sand, warm breezes gently rustling your gown, with the sound of the waves lapping the beach, and the love of your life holding your hand and promising you forever. (more…)

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