Yes, but you don’t want to. First, their prices are likely to be some of the highest you’ll find. The more important reason however, is that you won’t be able to get fitted for it. The tuxedo will be delivered to the ship for you to pick up when you board. Anyone ever seen the cruise ship tailor? Me either, because there isn’t one. So what do you do when you get onboard and it doesn’t fit? Umm…

Well Dressed Man

Well Dressed Man

Better idea guys. Call your local men’s suit shop and ask about their Cruise Special. For about $25-50 less than the cruise line would charge you, most good men’s shops will rent you a tuxedo for a week. In fact, my local shop offers 2 jackets plus trousers for $75 for the week. A decent quality tux shirt runs another $25 and you can use it under a good dark suit later if you need. The best part is they fit the tux to you so you know what it is going to be like before you leave home. Since your Special Lady is going to be looking like a dream, take this little step and make her proud.

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