You might if you really annoyed your travel agent and got booked  in the low budget Camping Deck Class. Seriously though, Outside is a style of cabin and refers to a cabin with a window. In general there are four classes of cabin (each cruise line/ship may have more or less but these are the basics):

  • Inside – these are interior cabins that don’t have any walls on the outside of the ship. Think of an interior room at a hotel that doesn’t have a window. These are generally the cheapest cabins.
  • Outside – a step up from Inside, these cabins have a wall that faces outside the ship and has a window to see out. Depending on the deck, that also means people walking by can see in…
  • Balcony – for a bit more money than an Outside, you get a door instead of a window and a small balcony that you can sit on and watch the world go by. These tend to go quickly so book early if you want a balcony. Smokers like balconies so be aware of that.
  • Suite – think small apartment/flat rather than a hotel room. These can get quite pricey and some ships have multiple classes of suites. Suites usually come with several amenities (e.g. free laundry, free spa treatments, etc) so they can be a good value, just expect them to have a higher upfront cost.

We booked something on Princess called an Obstructed Outside and loved it. Cheaper than an Outside and very close to Inside prices, it has a window that is partially blocked so you can’t see the ocean but you do get the sunlight. In our case it was a lifeboat hanging there. Made a nice compromise and a great value for the dollar.

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  1. F John says:

    Can you have sex on your balcony? Not being funny here…You have paid for this space and you should be allowed to do anything legal. So what if you are a bit of an exibitionist.

  2. Barry McConnell

    You can do anything that is legal. The legality of sex on the balcony is questionable however due to regulations and laws on public behavior. Balconies in general are not private since they are exposed to decks above them. To get a definitive answer you would have to go through your cruise contract to see if it prohibited sex on the balcony and then would have to examine all applicable laws of whoever has jurisdiction. That’s going to require a pretty savvy lawyer. As with most things, it is a risk/reward decision. You are risking expulsion from the ship or even criminal charges. Is it worth that? My advice: stay in the cabin and leave the curtains open if you want the view.
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