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We did talk previously about whether the ship will leave if you take a private tour, but when you’re just clock challenged, it’s a whole other story. Take a watch as this couple discovers the harsh truth. This has to be two of the most expensive minutes of their lives.

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  1. Terry Holloway says:

    The cruise lines will always tell you to be back on board at least 30 minutes (ship time, not local time) prior to departure. In the event that a tour is late returning (a ship coordinating tour only) they are bound to wait. As everyone comes back on board ship, your sign and sail card is dinged to the computer to show that you are on board, just as you dinged your card to the computer to show that you have left the ship.. If not all the passengers are dinged back in before sailing, the ship’ computer will alert the crew that people are missing and need to be accounted for and will wait a short period of time, certainly no more than 15-20 minutes. They do have a schedule to keep. As a last resort, guests that miss the ship by a couple of minutes can hitch a ride on the Pilot boat. Once the ship has left the harbor, all bets are off. You will have to meet the ship at it’s next port of call.

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