Sorry, no. Pets would be subject to all sorts of quarantine rules in the ports of call so they are simply not allowed. The only exception is for a service animal (e.g. seeing-eye dog for a blind passenger). Besides, who is going to clean up after the Great Dane?

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  1. Are dogs welcome?

    Queen Mary 2’s kennel programme is available on all Transatlantic Crossings between New York and Southampton in either direction, and is managed by a full-time Kennel Master who takes care of responsibilities such as feeding, walking and cleaning the ship’s 12 spacious kennels. Travelling dogs and cats also receive a complimentary gift pack. The kennels and adjacent indoor and outdoor walking areas are open throughout the day, enabling guests to spend significant time with their pets. Reservations for the kennels may be made at time of booking, and are based on availability. Contact Cunard for fees, details and additional requirements. All animals must be in compliance with the Pets Travel Scheme and in possession of a pet passport.

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