Not usually, but it can be if you’re not careful. Although your cruise fare includes a lot, it is not all-inclusive. Your cruise fare is a great bargain when you consider that it includes your room, meals, transportation between locations, and tons of entertainment. Not included are alcohol and soft drinks, shore excursions, spa treatments, tips, laundry services, medical treatment, babysitting, Internet access, gambling in the casino, photos, special tours onboard (e.g. galley tours), specialty coffees and pastries, and sometimes ice cream. The gotchas that can really drive the costs up are drinks, shopping during the special sales and in the multiple gift shops, gambling and shore excursions. Those nice young people with the trays of drinks by the pool sure are friendly…and a major source of revenue for the ship. Bottom line, set a budget, watch what you spend, and have a great time.

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  1. jackee says:

    Me and my cousins are taking our first cruise. Next year and my question is after leaving our airport to the cruise ship. Will there transportation to the ship for us. And what is the best cabin room for 3 female sharing together

  2. Barry McConnell

    Most cruise lines have a transportation package available. Talk to your travel agent or take a look at the cruise line’s website.

    Best is dependent on a lot of variables. Personally, I like the lowest deck at mid-ship. It’s usually quiet when I want to sleep, and the best location in case of rough weather. I also like outside cabins for the morning light.
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